Hi there! and welcome to my Website.

After many years of representing myself online in various platforms, I have decided to make a change for 2017. This year, I am re-launching the site with a new Theme "The World of Jeannie Niokos". Below you can explore what brings me passion, joy and real sense of accomplishment.

My "Piano Teaching" World

On the Piano faculty at the Royal Conservatory since 1996.  It's hard to believe that I am celebrating just over 20 years at this magnificent building. 

To read my bio, inquire about lessons or watch my teaching videos, please click on.   Biography

My "Greek Band" World

Yiamas Music Group! entertained the Portokalos family in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 and they will entertain yours as well. Featuring pianist-vocalist Jeannie Niokos with bouzouki virtuoso Nick Kutsukos, they present an unforgettable evening of Greek song and dance.

Book Yiamas for festivals, private and corporate functions.

Bookings     -    Facebook Page

BFGW Sound Track

My World as "Composer"

After a three-year journey back to my roots, I started composing music inspired by Greek folk rhythms which influence from a variety of genres of music.  Evolution was the result.

Buy and Listen below.

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