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  1. Hi, Jeannie!

    I think of you often and hope that this email finds you well.

    I’m updating the teaching/producing page of my website and plan to add comments from former/present students . Would you be able to write me a couple of lines commenting on your experience with me? It can be as a teacher, as a performer, as a recording project consultant…whatever capacity(ies) you know me in. Thank you and continuing to wish you all the best, Jeannie.

    Rita di Ghent

  2. Hi Jeannie.Thank you for contacting me during the our Niagara Greek Festival.We are currently seeking a live Greek band for Sat.Nov.9 It’s our St.Katherine Greek Orthodox & Niagara Hellenic Community Centre Grand Opening Gala. The address is the same as the year you performed at our Greekfest. Please let me know of your availability. Looking forward to your reply. Have a great day.

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